Equidad in Mexico

Equidad has worked for 15 years with women and men from diverse backgrounds -- women’s organizations, youth groups, unions, students at secondary and higher levels of education, and community assemblies as well as public officials from all three levels of government, among others -- to positively impact the public agenda. Equidad organizes activities both in cities as well as in rural and indigenous communities in diverse parts of the country. Equidad collaborates with local organized groups as well as federal and state governments and institutions such as state human rights commissions, women’s institutes, attorney generals and departments of health.

Principal achievements


Identification and denouncement of the misappropriation of public funds for the organization, Pro-life; documentation of irregularities in the allocation and use of public resources, and demand for compliance with legal regulations for public fund distribution, in collaboration with five other civil society organizations in 2003.


Coordination of the National Forum for Woman and Population Policy, a network of feminist organizations working for the advancement and monitoring of Mexico’s implementation of the International Conference on Population and Development’s Programme of Action (ICPD)


Collaboration with the Department of Health, UNIFEM (now UN Women), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the National Forum for Women and Population Policy in developing a guide for incorporating a gender equity perspective into the health sector


Founding Member of the National Alliance for the Right to Decide (andar, by its initials in the Spanish) which has the purpose of strengthening the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights by all people in Mexico


Member of SUMA, Democracy is Equality, an initiative developed in collaboration with four civil society organizations as well as the National Women’s Institute (Inmujeres) and UN Women, in order to strengthen women’s political participation and promote an economic empowerment agenda.


Creation of a methodological instrument for analyzing and formulating public budgets by sector in order to reduce gender inequity


Development of a methodology and guide for formulating municipal gender responsive public budgets


Creation of a method for mainstreaming gender within government institutions


Consultant on gender responsive budgets to civil society organizations, academic institutions and governmental institutions in Mexico


Founding and coordination of the Network for Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Mexico (ddeser).


Contribution to the leadership of over 500 women across the country through training and specialty workshops.



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